Our first scan

If you’ve read my previous post you will know that we had an early scan today due to some light bleeding I’ve had over the past days. 

Scott took time out of work to come with me because we were both totally freaking out. 

Pros of the scan

  • The gestational sac was in my uterus (aka ectopic ruled out)
  • We could see a yolk sac
  • Could not see any bleeding in uterus

Negatives of the scan

  • No heartbeat detected
  • Fetal pole unable to be detected

The doc hadn’t checked my dates prior to the scan because he had slotted me in between appointments. With these factors in mind and the measurement of the gestational sac the Doc concluded that I was 5.5 weeks along. Which would all be very well and good except that I’m actually 6.5 weeks along. I told him that I had gone online to a specific IVF FET date calculator and it had told me I was 6 weeks 3 days today. 

When we left the ultrasound room and went back to his office, he had this spinning chart thing out to predict my dates.

“Hmmmm” he said “you are right, you should be 6.5 weeks along, you are measuring one week behind”

So what does this mean?

He tells us that whilst it is possible this pregnancy will pick up and be fine. It is also likely that the embryo has ceased developing.

He told us to look at it as ‘more of a cup half empty’ approach.

I don’t like this thought at all. 

We are hoping ours will be one of the few happy endings. 

Nothing to do now but (you guessed it) wait.

I’m hoping I’ll make it another week with minimal to no bleeding. 

We go back for another scan in a weeks time and will know more then. 

19 thoughts on “Our first scan

  1. Nara says:

    Oh wow, I’m so sorry to hear this. The uncertainty is the worst part. I think partly it’s just that they don’t know. I hope you find out what’s happening soon. Sending you hugs. Xx

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    • Ash says:

      Oh yes 100% agree! It’s so hard to comprehend how insane the IVF ride is, until you’ve been through it. I always knew it was going to be really tough but it has truly tested me at every single stage! There is no amount of preparing yourself you can do. How are you coping since your negative? Hope you are doing ok! X


    • Ash says:

      Yeah I’ve come to the conclusion that I may as well remain hopeful, if it’s devastating news it will hit us like a tonne of bricks no matter how much we brace ourselves. It ain’t over til it’s over.
      You’ve got a great sense of humour and your posts make me laugh, so thanks for that! Hope you get those twins through to week 37! Xxx

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  2. sbach1222 says:

    Sorry you didn’t get better news. I hope that you are one of the success stories too. Waiting sucks. Uncertainty sucks. This whole club sucks. But we are here for you and thinking about you and praying for you and your family.

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    • Ash says:

      Thank you and congratulations on your incredible news!! I think you summed up how taxing this whole process is in your post ‘How do I react’ the fact that we are in a state of shock when something good happens says it all doesn’t it!? I’m really thrilled for you and I hope you sail through the rest of your pregnancy xxx

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      • sbach1222 says:

        Thank you. It is so not how I thought the whole process would be before I was TTC and on the outside. I expected tears of joy running down my face, and so did B, he was surprised when I didn’t cry at all. It’s just that I’ve been conditioned not to think it would ever work, so I am in disbelief! Plus there is still a long road ahead.

        Keeping you in my thoughts.


  3. maybebaby says:

    Oh man that’s so tough! Waiting and uncertainty is real mind f***. Proves the saying wrong you can’t be a little bit pregnant. I really, really hope this works out for you🙏🙏🙏

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  4. Ash says:

    Yeah total mind f***!! Thanks for your words! I’m really glad you guys have finally got your egg donor, that’s so exciting!! I hope it is just the beginning of something incredible xxx

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  5. KLA says:

    Hoping and praying that your little one is just a little behind and ready to catch up soon! Our fingers are crossed for you! I hope you find ways to ease the awful wait. Best of luck!!


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