Let’s do this thing!

12hrs post blood test, I got a call back from the specialist. He apologised for the delay in getting back to me and then he said “you’re all ready to go”.

I was out to dinner with a dear friend at the time I received the call. I actually felt incredibly emotional – a mixture of excitement and feeling bloody terrified. I was really glad to be there with her because she truly radiates positivity which negated the sheer terror side quite a bit.

After a few tears, I called Scott and gave him the good news. “We’re doing it, this is it”

I headed home shortly after. I called mum on the way and cried some more (they were happy tears).

When I arrived home Scott looked like a tonne of bricks had just hit him. He was very quiet. We gave each other a big hug. And then I got out my whiz bang drug kit, we dialled up the needle, both as terrified as each other and before I could even pinch my abdomen skin together he was coming at me with it (he does this ‘bull at a gate’ thing whenever he is nervous). Meanwhile I was going ‘Whoa hold on a minute’ laughing, Scott was not laughing at all – he was definitely ‘in the zone’.

And then it was in, and over…I barely felt it and I even snapped a pic (note: I am not good with needles at all, so this fact is remarkable).image

I messaged a couple of close friends and our parents, and then we took the selfie that you see here. I look at this picture and can see our emotions written on our faces. Those wet eyes say to me; happy, scared & above all hopeful.

This is it, this is really happening -the most testing month of our lives has just commenced and it will all be absolutely worth it, if we can finally bring a baby into the world.