Small milestones

Today is day 4 of injections (FSH or ‘stims’ for those who are really down with the lingo). They come in an epi-pen that is very user friendly. Oh and I am so happy to report that there are no side effects! Hooray!!!!!!

Oh and guess what?!!! I have been injecting myself the past 3 days! Gosh I’m so proud!

If the needles have been putting you off IVF, let me tell you that you can’t even feel the needle! I mean NOT AT ALL! It’s quite a phenomenon really and I promise I’m not lying.

The next needle won’t be quite so nice so I’ve got my mum-in-law lined up to help me out with that one! Scott will probably be at work at the time I need to take it, and you mustn’t miss the time by any longer than 10 mins (it’s a very strict one!)

I’ve been really focusing on being kind to myself the last few days. I’ll do a specific post on the steps I’ve been taking to keep my stress under control.