Bare feet on the earth


So I had read after the embryo transfer that it was very important to keep your feet warm. The logic being that you don’t want your body to be focusing on keeping your tootsies warm instead of your uterus, and you want your uterus to be kept as warm as possible to encourage that little embryo to stick around. This would mean switching the sandals for socks in the midst of a very hot Aussie summer (look, I’m willing to do anything!)

Yesterday I picked the brain of my acupuncturist to see whether she had any additional tips. I told her about the socks thing and she said that this was a good idea and to maybe even put a heat pack on my belly.

Before I rock the socks though, she said most importantly get out on the grass and put my bare feet on the earth.


I love moments like this, when someone gives you a slice of the most delicious and simple advice. Advice that is actually enjoyable (because this is fairly rare on the infertility journey).

So is going barefoot actually beneficial for your health? If you are familiar with the term ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’ you will know that opting for no shoes is actually good for you!


We are electric beings. The human body is largely water and minerals, a perfect conductor of electricity.  We become electrically charged everyday by simply walking on carpet, wearing clothes and driving cars. Because we are often isolated from any earthing surfaces we stay charged. The earth offers negative ions, so we can achieve some balance by simply ditching the shoes and planting our feet on the earth.

Earthing has been shown to influence health in many positive ways, including improving sleep, reducing stress and inflammation. It has even been shown to reduce muscle and joint pain.

Wet sand and damp grass are said to be optimal for earthing.

If you want to learn more about earthing have a look at this article which outlines some of the findings. Of course there are many more articles available online and like anything out there, there are also many skeptics crying bogus.

So do I know that earthing will even affect the success of an IVF cycle? Nope!

What I do know (scientific debate aside) is that I love I being outdoors, throwing off my shoes and going for a stroll on the grass. I love the feel of the grass under my feet, and the sun on my skin. It makes me happy and relaxed. My IVF game plan is to fill my days with the good stuff, the simple things that I enjoy. If that happens to benefit me in more ways than one, well honestly what’s to lose?



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