Egg pickup is booked – 3 more sleeps!

Today was a great day.

This morning I went back to the specialist for an additional scan and bloods to see whether we were able to proceed with this cycle.

I’m very happy to report that my scan went well today. My follicles have grown a lot since the dose of Gonal-F was increased. My specialist said that there should be 10-12 good size follicles by this Friday! Yahoo!!!

I was so relieved to hear that things had picked up. Before my blood test I went down the lift to buy a bottle of water and to phone Scott. Little did I know that Scott was right outside the building! He had come up to surprise me, or more likely because the suspense had got the better of him (he is the most impatient man alive I swear!) Regardless, I was thrilled to see him there and give him the good news in the flesh.  It was yet another emotional moment. It’s crazy how every little step with IVF seems so monumental. The closer we get, the more exciting, terrifying and real it feels.

After seeing Scott off, I shared the good news with my mum over the phone. Then I headed back in for my blood test and acupuncture appointment.

My acupuncturist commented as soon as she saw me about how happy I looked compared to when she first met me (which was only a few weeks ago, when I was quietly freaking out about everything).

I’m now feeling so positive. Before starting I was really dreading injecting drugs after having terrible side effects with clomid, but everything has gone really smoothly with my IVF cycle. Tomorrow is my last day of injections before the egg pickup, and I’m now injecting everything (Gonal-F & Orgalutran) by myself which feels like such an accomplishment for me!

I think we are all stronger than we give ourselves credit.


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