FET Cycle – it’s all happening this week!

Last Friday I went for my scan & bloods for my FET cycle. The specialist said that the scan was simply to check the thickness of the lining. Good news is my lining was nice and thick so we are going to transfer the little embie this Friday! The specialist assured me that it’s a good looking embryo – Yahoo! It’s very exciting. He gave me a couple of referrals for further bloods for pregnancy tests, so it’s all getting very real now!

For this cycle I am doing a medicated FET cycle, because the last lot of hormones seemed to have knocked my usually very predictable cycle out of whack. My period came very early compared to normal (about 4 days early!).

Tomorrow (Thursday) I will get a phone call from the hospital to tell me what time my appointment is. On Friday they will thaw out the embryo. It doesn’t need to mature any further for the transfer because it is already at the blastocyst stage.


The embryo transfer itself is a very simple procedure,  within a matter of minutes I will have a potential human inside of me, how amazing is that!!

So this is my protocol for this FET cycle:


Day 2 onwards

Commence taking Ethinyl Oestradiol – 1 x tablet per day

Day 6 onwards

Increase dose of Ethinyl Oestradiol to 2 x tablets per day.

Day 13 onwards (4 days prior to transfer) I started taking a whole concoction of things.

I continue with 2 x Ethinyl Oestradiol per day.

3 x Provera Tablets per day

3 x Crinone Gel/ Progesterone Pessaries per day

1 x Aspirin per day

Plus my multi vitamins as normal.

I’m also doing two lots of acupuncture on the day of the transfer, one before and one after the transfer.


Even though I am ecstatic that there are no needles this month, I actually feel like the medication is really knocking me around.

Ever since I started taking the Ethinyl Oestradiol I have felt incredibly fatigued. I feel sooo lazy it’s ridiculous – each day is such a struggle. I just want to lie around and do nothing EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! When I started on the progesterone a few days ago it hasn’t seemed to have altered this in anyway, it hasn’t appeared to have worsened nor lessened the fatigue.

I am glad to report that there is no bloating going on this month, although I am gaining more weight (I never managed to shake the 4kg I gained on Clomid).

My appetite hasn’t actually increased at all and my diet hasn’t changed. So I’m putting the weight gain down to a bunch of hormones and being a blob human.

Apart from feeling like a lazy sloth woman, I’m feeling positive. I really find that my weekly acupuncture, pottery class and yoga are all very effective at keeping any anxiety at bay.


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