Embryo Transfer

So our big day was last Friday 18th March 2016.

It all went swimmingly well. It’s crazy how one of the biggest moments of this journey was so simple.

Like everything (I mean EVERYTHING) I had googled the heck out of Embryo Transfer, and as a result I was expecting the process to be a bit more ‘Wow’

I thought there would be an ultrasound where Scott and I would watch the Embryo (more specifically the gigantically long needle rod thing) being inserted safely into my uterus. Then I thought I would probably have to lie there for 10-30 minutes, so that the embie could ‘make itself at home’.

Well the whole process actually went something like this:

We rolled up to the hospital, paid our fees.

A lovely nurse took us through and gave us both booties, and hair nets, I even got to keep my dress on this time, but needless to say undies were off (mine that is, not Scott’s). They gave me a dressing gown to throw over the top, Scott got to wear some kind of gown thing too.


Rockin’ our booties in the waiting room

After a relatively short wait in the waiting room with another couple. Another nurse came and took us through to theatre. Again the nurse was super lovely, she was even concerned about keeping the metal speculum nice and warm for me. She kept the conversation flowing the entire time while we waited for the specialist and the scientist. Our doc came in and shook both our hands, then the scientist came in shortly afterwards with the gigantic metal rod in hand. The scientist did not look like Albert Einstein at all, rather she was a young blonde lady, also very pleasant. She told us what our Embryo was, we honestly can’t remember what she said because it was a series of numbers and letters which meant diddly-squat to us. When I asked her what that meant she said “it lost a few outside cells in the thawing process”. When I asked her what that meant also, she said “it is a completely normal, frequent occurrence and the embryo thawed very nicely”. PHEW.

Then it was time to put my legs up on the stirrups under a gigantic light.

Nurse: “Is the lighting alright?”

Doc: “Yes it’s perfect”

Me “Is it flattering?”

Yeah did I mention that I have this habit of making terrible jokes in awkward situations?

Scott’s face: Sigh, yep, that’s my wife

Me: “So it’s probably not the right time to make bad jokes”

Nurse: Laughing “It’s fine as long as you’re the one making them”

Doc: “There is nothing flattering about a vulva I’m afraid”

Nurse: “Do you think we should change the subject”

Doc: “It’s a bit like a scrotum, nothing flattering about a scrotum”

Everyone: laughing because it’s so very true…

Doc: “Did you know that Billy Connolly once spent an hour and a half talking about scrotums”

Scott: “Well he is probably one of the few people that could actually get away with that”

Then it was all done, so there you go, who’d have thought we would have been talking about scrotums and Billy Connolly in this significant moment.

The scientist went back to the lab to check that the embryo had left the needle. Then two minutes later, we were able to leave the theatre. The whole process was entirely pain free, and over in a matter of 10 or so minutes.

Unlike the videos I had watched, there was no ultrasound, no picture of my uterus to take home and no picture of the embryo. I figure this is a good thing, because I think having these things would just make me slightly more crazy in the two week wait.


4 thoughts on “Embryo Transfer

  1. The EcoFeminist says:

    Definitely very interesting as we watched the whole process the first two times on the ultrasound and the embryologist brought out a picture of the one that went inside each time… we also had no requirement to wear any type of scrubs or gown, just wore our normal clothes and had the normal coverage over my lap. My doctor is a bit on the churchy side so unfortunately we did not get any jokes like that which would have been awesome… although when I’m on valium I do get a little giggly so it might have not been a good idea anyhow 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ash says:

      I know, I am still so surprised by how uneventful it all was. Our specialist is an older gentleman and quite a funny down to earth bloke which helped us warm to him straight away. He is particularly good at communicating with my husband as he has got all these funny sayings to make things less awkward. Like instead of telling him to ejaculate frequently (to improve sperm quality) he told him he needs to ‘roll the boys’ haha! It is so interesting reading about all the different practices across clinics from all over the world, thanks for sharing your experience!

      Liked by 1 person

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